Friday, November 3, 2017


Dear Chargers,

We have moved on from our dodgeball unit to our soccer unit.

We are learning to kick the ball properly with our instep.
Trapping the ball properly.
Controlling the ball with our feet.
Playing many games that incorporate these skills.

The children will learn positions and learn how to play a proper soccer match.

I cannot wait to see how much they have learned when we start our tournament. 

Thank you!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Flag Football

We began our Flag Football unit about two weeks ago.

We have worked on throwing, fingers on the laces.  Arm in L shape, step with the opposite foot.
Catching.  Catching against our chest with two hands or catching it out of the air with our thumbs and pointer finger helping make a diamond shape.

We worked on kicking last week.  Kicking field goals and understanding how many points they are worth. When do we kick?  When do we punt?  What is a field goal?

We are working on positions this week.  Quarterback, center, wide receiver and running back.
What each position does and how do we implement this?  We are practicing each position.  EAch student should have worked on each position by the end of this week.  What are downs? 1st down, second down, third down and fourth down.  Also, we have worked on scoring.

Next week is a flag football tournament.  We will teach them how to pull flags rather then push the players.  This cuts way down on injuries and they have a ton of fun doing it!!

Go Chargers!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Athletic Shoes

Please remember to have your children wear athletic shoes to school.  Especially when they have P.E.
The most important thing to me as a teacher is to keep your children safe.  One way I can do that is making sure they are wearing the proper uniform for PE.  They will be running the mile this year so please look at your child's shoes and think, would I let my child run the mile in these shoes?

Thank you,

Coach Rubino

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Welcome Back!!


I am Coach Rubino, and I have been with Great Hearts for 9 years now!  I am originally from New York, Long Island, and moved here in 1997, my Senior year of High School.  I then went on to attend Auburn University on a scholarship to play soccer.  War Eagle!

I love being a Physical Education teacher; it truly fulfills me.  I love my students and am fulfilled everyday knowing that I have taught them something.  I incorporate the virtues in each and every lesson as well.

This year we have added many things to the curriculum such as dance and gymnastics.  We also bought 30 scooters and mini golf equipment!  We will have a fun filled year!

I am so excited to see our students this coming Monday!  I cannot wait to see their smiling faces and I cannot wait to start teaching them so many physical activities!!

See you all on Monday!!!


Coach Rubino

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


During our unit in gymnastics we learned how to do a back bend, handstands, the splits, yoga static poses, summersalts and we have used the spring board.

All of our students have had such a great time during this unit!  I am glad we incorporated it into our curriculum.

Thank you!

Square Dancing


I am looking for volunteers who know how to square dance and can help me teach our students the proper way to do so.  Please email me at

Thank you!

The Waltz

I am glad to announce that "The Waltz", turned out to be a success.  It wasn't as hard for the boys as they imagined.  We had a wonderful time learning this classical dance.  I am so glad we got through it successfully!